National Ice Melt™

National Ice Melt™ is an organization that works with a Distribution network across North America. We currently provide 4 of the most potent types of Ice Melt sold throughout North America. Our organization was incorporated in 2005 and now is the largest network of Ice Melt distribution in the U.S.

We contract with manufactures around the U.S. and Canada to deliver our proprietary blends for our reps, dealers and distributors. It is important to understand that we do not work for any manufacturer and do not sell directly to the end user and never will. Our business model has been the most successful program to enter the industrial sales channel ever. National Ice Melt™ leverages our extreme volume to gain the best pricing for each and every distributor partner. International leverage and our superior blends provide you the most effective and potent products with the absolute best prices.

We provide our network a unique matrix of support developed by an industry specific marketing corporation that enables each and every distributor to reap the benefits of partnering with National Ice Melt™ regardless of your sales volume or where you are located.

National Ice Melt™ has a retail online system and ordering process that will provide sales to our distributor partners just for carrying the National Ice Melt™ line. It is geographically driven for your convenience, support and territory control! You do not have to do anything above and beyond joining our group to benefit from the international power of our profit engine.

We believe in a limited, strong, and educated distributor network that has brand loyalty to drives explosive sales of high quality extremely competitive priced products.

National Ice Melt™ spends an enormous amount of resources on research and development of new cost saving products. The suite of products offered by National Ice Melt™ is proprietary and unique. A new technological advancement in ice melt science is Nano Heat Technology™. This process was developed by scientists directly for the sole purpose of increasing the effectiveness of our products. The evolution of this science has just taken the next step. This process is revolutionary in the sense that high performance products can now be cost effective instead of cost prohibitive.



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